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Female Realistic sexy chair sitter
1 week rental mannequin…$155 Wig…$20

These mannequins are just a sample of our huge inventory.  If you are looking for a particular look, please call.  We may have it in stock or can create it for you.  We have a large selection of wigs available.  Feel free to request pictures of a particular look emailed to you.

Rental Pricing for Realistic Standing or Chair sitting Mannequins:
1st week…$155, 2nd week…$77.50, 3rd week…$77.50, 4th week free, 5th week…$67.50, 6th week…$57.50, 7th week…$47.50, 8th week….free. From this point on each 4 weeks follows this pricing:  1st week…$37.50, 2nd week…$25,  3rd week $25, 4th week…free  You can rent our mannequins for up to 3 years.

Feel free to email the pictures on this website to me or to your associates. Here are the instructions:
1. click on picture so bigger version appears
2. click on Edit on your computer
3. click on Select All
4. Click Copy
5. Then once you have your email open. Click on Edit again,then click paste and the picture will appear in the body of your email.