We rent, sell & customize mannequins.

Custom Services:

  • Paint mannequins any color including Gold, Silver & Patina
  • Switch heads or remove heads & cap necks.
  • Alter pose
  • Air brush any style make-up including “Period”
  • Articulate elbows
  • Live cast someone’s face and create a mannequin of that person
  • Install Glass Eyes
  • Duplicate a mannequin head with various facial expressions.
  • Create sculpted hair on a bald mannequin
  • Refurbish your mannequins
  • Completely customize a figure according to your specifications (Please see our “Custom Projects ” page for examples)
  • Create figures in 3D from your pictures or drawings. Human, Cartoon & Animal
  • Molding service. Mold and create multiples of almost anything.