About Us

The Mannequin Gallery was established 22 years ago by Artist & President, Walt Wilkey.  Vice President, Shelley Freeman came on board in 1994.  We were married in 2000.   We have a great crew of guys, most of whom have been with us for several years.

This is a family business and Walt and I are very hands on ensuring our customers are well taken care of and that the quality of work is kept to a very high standard.

Rentals: We have over 1000 mannequins and forms in our inventory. In 2009 we a opened a new 4200 square foot unit as a gallery.  All mannequins in The Gallery are ready to rent. So, Unit E is our working unit and Unit H is The Gallery. We can also customize our rentals according to your requirements.  We can change color, heads and even pose if needed.

Sales: We have designed our own mannequins and these are available for purchase.  We can also design a completely unique mannequin according to your specifications.

Portraits: We can lifecast or sculpt from pictures to create a portrait mannequin.  We also make Ultra -Realistic Figures with silicon head, neck and hands. The silicon heads have a plugged in hair line and eye brows and we install glass eyes.  Clothing covers the custom posed fiberglass mannequin underneath.

Mannequin Repairs: We repair, refurbish and repaint mannequins. We can also replace parts.  Please see our extensive Fashion Client list.

Our hours are Monday through Friday 10am -5pm.


We are proud Business Members of The Set Decorators Society of American.  The great SDSA!


Walt Wilkey

Shelley Freeman